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....a short story of a lonely girl

Lose Me, Hate Me, Smash Me, Erase Me

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17 June 1981
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The HERMIT lives apart from the world because she searches for the truth on her own terms. For this she does not need society. In order to see through the masks, lies, cover-ups and hang ups generated by human behavior, she departs from the crowd of changing personalities and superficial transitions into a clearer more austere atmosphere. The HERMIT knows that to be absolute in your search for truth, you need to adopt a solitary viewpoint.

The HERMIT depends on herself, asking nothing from the world. In her attempt to pierce through convention and conditioning, she needs independence from the mainstream of humanity, if only for a short time. What she learns during this period of deep reflection will serve as inspiration for her whole life. The truths she recognizes during her search makes her a light worker when she returns to the world.

Before me plays the endless film
Relentless splinters I recall
Each living thing breathes life
Only sentiment remains
To liquid born, from patterns formed
The sand descends with blind intent
Where the river takes me will in time be revealed

I cannot turn my feelings down
Beyond my means to turn my thoughts around
Expressed in every word I'll ever speak
Brighter than all the stars combined
More than the waters, earth, and sky
All that I wish and all that I dream
No creed on earth can replace or provide
In my darkest hour, the comfort I'd feel
Leading me to see I can be more than I expect of me
My beginning and my end
The first and last air that I breathe
More than the sum of everything that I will ever be

Above the waves with my hands raised
Dare the wind, lay claim to me
Knowing somehow none could take me
Watching the sun come up in vain
The only reason I can find why I remained
The need to leave the point I came to again and again

It didn't matter how hard I tried
It took so long to claim that I knew how
Or what it meant to let go of this
To ever say goodbye
Call it destiny, call it fate
Chose my direction: Running forward
Each life to learn anew, whatever may come

VNV Nation - Arena

I am out of my fucking mind

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